A Restaurant software POS and Back office

What does a restaurant management system mean?

eZee BurrP! is a point-of-sale system ideal for restaurants, bars, night clubs, fast food restaurants, and more. Regardless of the type of restaurant, a single store or a nationwide chain, eZee BurrP! will help usher a new level of efficiency in the business process.

The software also offers many modules for table reservation, stock, and material management. A kitchen display system for new orders, and allows restaurant managers to handle loyalty programs, promotions and gift vouchers, payroll, and a lot more with integration of PDA / Handheld devices for taking orders. The web-based reporting feature helps anyone keep track of all reports.

More Than a Restaurant POS System

Inventory and Stock Rates

There are myriad of items available in your stock.

Naturally, it is essential to keep a tab on all rates for smooth functioning.

Allows you to set up various rates for different stock items so that the calculations become easier.

You can even set up rates according to last purchase, average and weighted average.

Smart Analytics and Reports

POS system uses Big Data to offer you real-time analytics and reports.Track earnings, sales, profits and costs in real-time from anywhere, with any iOS device. Special reports are included too to get insight into sales by individual staff or category for the hour, day, month, and year.Other reports calculate customer footfall and customer orders,so you’ll know what some usual customers will order the moment they walk in.

Real-time inventory

Being in the restaurant industry, you would know the importance of taking control of inventory. Through the help of eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS, you can view real-time inventory and ingredient levels in your stock room. The system automatically changes the stock and inventory as per consumption levels and thus you witness always up-to-date results. In addition, you can even manually edit the stock and inventory number as per the consumption as well as keep track of intermediate.

eZee Burrp! Information

Enveloping Operations For All Order Types

Right from dine in and delivery, take away and even self service

Dine In

The dine in operation mode allows you to view the seating arrangements in the system, live status of individual tables (reserved, occupied, vacant, unsettled, unclean, etc) and even direct your waiting staff by allocating specific table individually. If needed, you can even re-direct table to another waiter in the middle of the serving. As a result, your guests will have a favorable time and they would be more likely to return to experience your hospitality.


So, the customer wants to get the order delivered at his place. What you do? Start sifting through piles of papers or take the help of our restaurant POS software for better efficiency? eZee BurrP! allows you to maintain a different guest database with complete information of your guests for your regular delivery orders. With the feature of built-in map generation, you can fetch customer’s address and route the driver for easy deliveries.

Take Away

Managing Take Away orders can now be looked upon as a simplified task. Just imagine how the feature that can split, merge or reprint receipts for the orders can save your time significantly. Moreover, the feature of guest-check paves way for a smooth settling of orders. A comprehensive point of sale system is the only thing that you need to take your restaurant to the next level.